BJX Chip Fingerprint Sensor - Embedded fingerprint module


BYD semiconductor sensors cover a wide range of products, including fingerprint sensors, fingerprint scan modules, current sensors, voltage sensors, temperature sensors, and angle position sensors. These sensors offer high precision and good anti-interference ability, manufactured with automotive-grade manufacturing technology.
BYD focuses on continuously developing new sensing technologies to break through technical difficulties in the field of sensors. With a strong technology development center and an authoritative product reliability laboratory, BYD ensures that products are reliable and traceable in every link of production.
BYD’s fingerprint sensors and fingerprint scan modules are widely used in various applications, especially in the fields of mobile phones, computers, and security systems.
In summary, BYD semiconductor sensors, including fingerprint sensors and fingerprint scan modules, offer superior performance with high precision and anti-interference ability, making them ideal for demanding applications in mobile phones, computers, security systems, and more.

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Product Series
TypePixel MatrixModule DescriptionApplicationsPower consumptionDownload
Fingerprint Module
BF5020A0160*160Round without lightSmart door locks, etc.7uA@5HZ
BF5021A0160*160Round with lightSmart door locks, etc.7uA@5HZ
BF5022A0160*160Square with lightSmart door locks, etc.7uA@5HZ

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